I have known Liza as a student and friend for 15 years. Liza is a positive, joy filled person who has demonstrated many gifts, especially the gift of healing. Her hands are amazing to watch whether she is massaging, cooking or feeding the children
there is a flow of energy that pours out of her hands - mysterious and healing. Liza has dedicated her life to Healing Practices on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual. Her enthusiasm inspires those around her, she is sensitive, intuitive and very creative.
She truly tries to live her life in harmony with all beings and teachings of Truth.
— Bella Salerno of the Sacred Mountain Center
I have been working with Liza for the past year and its been an incredible journey. I can’t be more thankful for her support, love, care and healing energy. I first came to Liza with an infertility issue that affected me physically and emotionally. As soon as I started my sessions with her my heart filled with hope and self-loving energy.

I was determined to get pregnant naturally and Liza helped me take good care of myself, stay focused and strong in the moments I was loosing faith.
I feel really blessed to have her in my life, as a friend and a practitioner and I would highly recommend her to anyone going though emotional and physical distress.

I have recently discovered I am expecting and I could not be happier for this blessing and will continue working with Liza throughout my pregnancy and postpartum.
Forever grateful to this wonderful, exceptional healer.
— Paola Ambrosi de Magistris
“Liza is a deeply intuitive healer that brings love and integrity into every encounter. She is a bright light of wisdom that shines wherever she finds herself. Anyone that has the opportunity to work with Liza is truly blessed.”
— Carla Savetsky, Wise Women Healing
Liza’s hands are truly magical. I’ve never worked with someone who has such great healing abilities. She knows more about what my body is feeling and thinking than I do!
— Juman Malouf, writer/artist

Liza is my massage mistress of 10+yrs . Her bodywork has gotten me through many trials and rejuvenated my body thusly my mind&spirit too . She has a kind and generous demeanor and has an innate ability in “searching and destroying” the areas in need of major work . She has been an important part of my well-being and I plan on keeping it that way as long as I can . I recommend her highly and brag of my weekly appointments . When asked the generic question of “what did you do this weekend?” , my reply always includes “ I got a massage…”
— Julie Teel , multi Emmy nominated and Emmy Award winning makeup artist
“For the past decade, my husband and I have been blessed with the benefits of having Liza as our massage therapist. She is a natural healer and instinctively knows just what is needed to make your body and spirit feel better. She combines many different energy healing and massage techniques to suit the needs of the moment. Her spirit combines skill and empathy to produce a uniquely therapeutic massage experience.”
— Ricki Herzfeld, Artist
I was introduced to Liza shortly after my stage 4 cancer diagnosis. When diagnosed or faced with such an illness, you want to build a support team that you can trust and believe can help you. I cannot say enough about the benefits I have realized, over the course of this journey, working with Liza.

Liza’s presence and technique is warm and soothing. After each session I have felt both relaxed with peace of mind, and strength. She has adapted her sessions to meet my needs with different relaxation modalities, as my body and capabilities have changed quite drastically over the past year. I am certain that these sessions have improved my peace of mind and quality of life, and I just cannot recommend Liza enough! I love her and I feel so fortunate that I was introduced to her at the onset of my illness.
— Janice Hegemier
Liza has an amazing ability to sense with her hands exactly what the
body needs and wants. After I gave birth her massage and healing
presents helped me recover quickly.
— Nirit Gordon, new mom