EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

This January I was honored to study EMDR with Laurel Parnell and The Parnell Institute at the Open Center in NYC. EMDR, which stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is a powerful tool to transform trauma and mend attachments. This technique uses bilateral stimulation to, as Laurel Parnell says, “light up and link up” past traumas and painful experiences to reprocess and heal. It also works wonders if one is feeling stuck in their life, with unresolved issues, phobias, or physical pain. Rather than describe it to you, I would love to share my personal experience of EMDR.

Over the course of the training I experienced being both therapist and client a number of times. My first realization about EMDR was how deeply spiritual it is. As a client and therapist I experienced a kind of inner knowing that a deeper connection to truth was unraveling in front of me or for me. As a client I noticed how as I cleared one traumatic or upsetting experience, all other traumas related to the charged issue cleared. I visually saw an arc of a beautiful rainbow lighting up and clearing out. 


There was another deep realization on a cellular level: I understood that when negative things happened in my youth, these harmful actions perpetrated by others truly had nothing to do with me. They weren’t personal. They were in fact about the person causing the harm. This seems like a very simple realization, but it is also very profound. When a child experiences a trauma they often blame themselves, and this deep wounding can cause self-esteem issues and other harmful patterns. Even though I knew this on an intellectual level, the EMDR work took it to a much deeper, visceral place.

Lastly, after these traumas were released, I had a deep confirmation about my life path and how I have always been connected to it. Growing up I was given the greatest gift of deep unconditional love from my grandma Dolly and my Mom. They saw my spiritual gifts and encouraged me to follow a healing path from a young age. This became so clear during my last EMDR session at the training. It was so beautiful: I truly felt my life force and understood what I have to share. My clients frequently say how loved they feel from me during our sessions, and I believe this is unconditional love from the Divine Mother working through me. This work is a true blessing. 

I am excited to share EMDR with my fertility clients to clear fears about becoming pregnant, resolve traumatic experiences while trying to become pregnant, and help prepare to become a mother. I’m also excited to share this work and welcome others with different needs that are ready to take a deep journey into self-growth and awareness.

EMDR is a wonderful asset to my healing practice! See you soon!